How find the accountant for the firm?

Accountant, and this is not the exaggeration - the second face of each firm, enterprise. The prosperity of the last one in a greater degree depends on the competence of the given professional. It is not a secret that wise accountant is able to economize for its firm from 4 to 40% of the annual profit. Everything is logic, owning by the necessary skills and experience, understanding the core of the document flow and tax assessment, such specialist forecasts the probable problems and does not allow their further development. It is necessary to notice, that in the small enterpises the functions of the analytic and financial director are also put on. Through the hands of this employee goes all the financial flows. Especially he is obliged to garantee the legality of the payment of tax invoices, to form reports and to be responsible for other important and urgent related processes. It is clear, that for such  specialist it is known about the company, where he works, all to the last coq and penny. So it is important to confide this post really feithfull person. In this post the professionals of the company "Gloria" will tell you about how correctly find the candidate on the accountant post.

To get the good specialist on the labour market, it is necessary to look like attractively as the employer. So it is necessary to take care about correctly written announcement , about the opening vacancy.  Do you want to get not only pair of the CV, and as minimum some tens for consideration?

The effectivenes, realibility of the candidate's selection is really to achieve by the performing of the revisions of necessary qualities of the candidate. The best of all, if the similar revision will be based on the additional methods, and also on the thruthfull resources of the information. The good effectiveness will show special prepared tests, conversation, inquires and etc. For example, in the company "Gloria" the special tests which determine the degree of the qualification of the candidate-accountant develeped. We notice that with accepting of the new legislative acts and resolutions - the last ones find its reflection in the concret tests as the new tasks and questions.
                Surely, in the selection of the candidate, his experience, and recommendations, and skills of owning by the specific accounting programs are very important. The speed of the understanding of the new software is also important as well as honesty, care and ponctuality of a specialist.
нимательность, пунктуальность специалиста.

During the interview it is necessary to pay attention on those questions, which the candidate will ask you. If they concern only the work conditions and its payment, it is about one level. If it will be the professional questions, the affairs are better. It is good, if the the questions concern the offered level of the the prospective degree of participation of the future accountant in the affairs of the company. And more better if the person is interesed by the tax and financial planning, is ready to realise and the integrated control over cash/non cash assets, accounting reporting, and also another interaction with fiscal structures. And, of course the best test for the candidate will be the task on the realisation of any conditional financial operation. It is clear, from the сandidate  in this case needs the detailes explanation of the methods of solving the proposed problem.

And now the information for thinking. According to the statistics practically almost a third of the candidates who are selected by firms independently, can not pass even the probationary period. As for the candidates of the accountants, which selected and recommended by the recruiting agencies with good reputation, the given indicators do not exceed 4%. Draw the conclusion and have a succes in the finding of the worthy accountant for yor firm.