How does the situation in the country influence on the labor market?

How does the situation in the country influence on the labor market?

Labor market in any state depend on the situation in the country. Especially from the last one, motivated and anti-crisies measures, and also salaries "feel like dancing. Both recruitment and reduction of staff can not be considered apart from the latter. It is clear, if we consider Ukraine, we can not fail to mention the effect of visa-free travel on the Ukrainian labor market.

The respective economic stabilisation promote the restitution of the labor market. The posotive tendencies are already considerable today even for the not specialists. The experts confirm that a growing number of companies are implementing anti-crisis measures in practice. If a few years ago approximately 62% firms were norm, so in 2017 year about their implementation ( already occurred or just planned) declared only 22 % of the enterprises. It is clear, that the situation on the market, as usually, differenciates strongly depending on the economic sector. The leaders in the anti-crisies methods applications  in the current  year are the firms, which specialize on the everyday electrotechnics, and also analogues, working in the sphere of the telecommunication. In this the most popular anticrisies measures is optimization:

- training expenses;

- personnel number;

- expenses on the corporatives.

And now about that how the accepted visa-free travel influenced on the labor market. The experts confitm that its implementation, can really provoke some negative consequencies for the ukrainian labor market. Yes,approximately 46% of firms ( in principal from the logistics sectors, hotel and reastaurant business, trade) consider that novation bring new and really remarkable risks. The biggest of them is in the increasing of the employee turnover. By another words the most considerable will be the problems, connected with "brain drain". Which spheres of the activity, in the datas of the professional HR managers, will be outflow of the qualified sphere? Unconditional leadership in terms of risks related to personnel in the manufacturing sector. The outflow of the highqualified employees can achieve the indicator in 62%! The secons position in the given prognosis consists IT specialists. The prognosis in their relations is also considerable - 38%. Further on the third position - the service sphere with 34 %. The next threesome looks like in the following way:

- sales – 29%;

- agriculture employees – 14%;

- medical specialists – 10%.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account the mentioned above risks and regioanl differencies. Yes, the biggest risks of the specialists outflow expose the companies of the western regions of Ukraine. Lower, in second place in relation to these risks are all the capital firms.

Having looking the mentioned-above problem by staff categories, the specialists of the recruiting agency Gloria consider that we should wait the biggest outflow from the additional personnel. On the second place are the representatives of the professional and administrative part. From the top management are tempted by offers of the western companies, under forecasts of experts, no more than 3%.

In relation with the indicated-above, more than real risks, at least ¼ of the country's enterprises are currently implementing special programs to retain employees. In some companies the rate on the material motivation. In another firms the so-called notmaterial stimulation consider as efficient.

And in the end about positive, what expect the ukrainian labor market what awaits the Ukrainian labor market in connection with the introduction of visa-free travel. Firstly, these are new possibilities in the relation of the increasing of the effectiveness of the interconnection, both with foreign investors and foreign offices, and also enterprises. Secondly, the participation of the majority of the ukrainian specialists in the international conferencies will become more accessible. Thirdly, the education abroad will be real.