How correctly organize your working day?

Not high productivity, quick fatiguability and plus apathy to the end of the day - in these cases is the result especially of the such vision of yourself and in the last turn the lack of the skills of planning and prioritization. Probably, for the сreative professions the given abilities are not very important, but for everyone who work in the management sphere, they are very and very important. So, further the recommendations from the specialists of the recruiting agency  "Gloria" about the principal rules of the smart organisation of the working day or by another words about the planning of the activity, prioritization, task grouping and etc.

How strange that sounded, but it will be better to start the working day from the previous evening. The morning, as a rule, is bad for the maximum concentration and planning of the real plans. So it is well-minded the evening before, at least, sketch the list of the most important and urgent affairs, which you should make from the morning. The making of such list with the affairs dealing on the urgence/importance  - the most optimal variant. As the specialists of "Gloria" confirm, earlier prepared plan of the implementation of the any affair - is already a guarantee that it is half completed.

To spread oneself on the many affairs with good effective output, believem can only original persons. If you are not such, try to concentrate maximum on those affair, which you start to do and do not abstract yourself on something another until you finish. In the attitude of the difficult affairs it is more rational to separate it on some parts. Corresponding, for every of the components it should make its plan approximate implementation plan.

The working day of any specialist must have breaks. The best rest, as well-known, - is the type activity change. In addition for many representatives of young specialists, the physical workout, walking or several yoga asanas....For those, who work physically, it is rationally to give the rest for the muscles, and engage the head at this time....How often it is necessary  to give the rest for yourself? Everything is  individual. Some can work and several hours, and restore for 10 minutes. The majority are used to the "school" scheduling  - ¾ hours of the active work, 1/4 hours – smoke break/rest.

One of the bad moments, which is very often on the working place  - is the necessity to make the strange work. Particularly these cases are difficult, when in the last you, as said "not strong". Take as rule to make only those tasks, in which you are strong and wish to achieve success. All the rest it will be more correct to trust for another employees, and it will be more better - for the professionals. Don't forget about the authority delegation.

You must like your job or even be interested in it that your working day will be productive. Take into consideration, that for those, for whom, the work is original frantic game, can work more effective. In addition, those, who come to the process seriously, and for those, who work easily and gladly, achieve the success in the equal level! The environement influences on the productivity too. In the positive team the work go smoothly, and the process give the real pleasure. In addition in the frindly and funny company even the huge volumes of the work are note difficult. It is necessary to knuckle down and act!