Good team - base of the company success

Experienced, materially successful entrepreneurs agree unanimously: for that, that business will florish, bring profit, the good team is very important here. Even relatively not big budget and not very original idea can perfectly "shoot", if the implementation of the project takes a well-coordinated team. And vise versa, even the tremendous money amounts and superoriginal, perspective ideas can be losing "in the hands"of the separated collective. But what to do? How create this good team? We will speak with you about this.

Many beginning enterpreneurs decided that for the successful disposal of the business affairs and they will need the big team, large workplaces. But, in fact, it will be better, if your company will consist of two person "looking in one direction" than of ten persons, "looking in the different parts". That is why, even two persons, which work unified, telling, in full can be considered as team and work succesfully ( actually for the starting business, young projects). When the affairs will make much headway, you can add into the collective another employees, but it is important that they flow in one direction.

Yes-yes, this "flow in one direction" is very and very important. Before the team, whatever it was, it is worthwhile beforehand to set a specific goal and move towards its achievement. It is also important  that this achievement will be unified  and the goal exactness is also important, because during the vague formulation of "catching up and driving company H" there is a great risk that your company will never succeed. It is better to set a concret and exact task before your team - to sell 100 pcs of the goods, and then  the chances on the victory will be more. In general, the team needs general, but maximum concret and exact goal.

By the way, there is again one important moment, concerning general goal. In spite of this general goal, with which we determined, must be enough concret, every member if your team must know what he will received if his collective will have success in it. But here it is important to underline that the reward will be received only in the condition if it will be the sucess achievement of all team - what will stimulate the members of one collective to help each other, and kill the wish "to through a spanner in the works" to colleagues.

That in your company will work the real team, every member of this command must know for what he is responsible. The division of the responsibilities is very important. Firstly, the risk is low that both employees will make the same affair. In this case the the emergence of a competitive moment is inevitable, and this is the first way to discord within the collective. And it don't speaking about the inexpediency of wasting time and effort in solving two employees by the same tasks. Secondly, when every employee has clearly defined responsibilities, it is easier to keep track of how exactly he is coping with his work, whether he is effective enough and whether he brings much benefit to the team.

The command, even, is unified and cosnsists of the good specialists, but the contact is bad. What do we need to do? You, as for the director, need to take a role of the educator, teacher and try to bring together  the communication between the employees on the abstracted topics. In general, take into account, that some specialists are not  born for the work in group  - it is very important to bring to light and to dispose (to change) the more company people.