Get a job without being the perfect candidate

To begin with, the ideal candidates for a particular position simply do not exist, just as there are no ideal people. Each of us has certain disadvantages, and this is absolutely normal. In fact, it is not these most real or imaginary flaws that are important, but how a person presents them, including getting a job.
What do we mean? Recruitment agency "Gloria" - a company that for more than ten years professionally performs the search and selection of specialists, in general, and the selection of personnel for IT-companies, in particular, explained to us "the mechanism of converting minuses into advantages" with specific examples. We are in a hurry to share with you this information.
Immediately make a reservation that below we consider the situation of direct contact between the employer (his representative) and the applicant, that is, communication during a personal meeting or meeting in real time via video link (yes, modern IT recruiting uses this option).
1. Age. Quite often, employers do not want to hire too young specialists - literally yesterday's students, referring to their small age and, roughly speaking, “wind in the head”. On such claims, you can safely say that yes, you are young! But at the same time add that you are also ambitious, brave, ready to move forward towards goals and you have a great desire to prove yourself. You are ready to stay at work since you have no family yet. You are ready for business trips, because, because of your youth, you thirst for everything new. You will willingly master advanced technologies, because you are always in trend. In general, from all sides your young age is a plus, not a minus!
It is directly proportional to behave in the event that you, in the eyes of the employer, are, on the contrary, too “experienced” candidate. In this case, feel free to say that you have already “walked up” and are ready to devote the work to yourself. It is possible and necessary to rely on your working and everyday experience.
2. Lack of experience. Lack of experience in the eyes of modern employers looks like another "mortal sin." However, this fat minus can be turned into a no less fat plus. So, for example, to the words of the employer that you have never worked in his specialty, you can safely say what it means, you are ready to master the most advanced technologies, use the most modern approach and you definitely will not be outdated cliche. And the lack of experience in a particular area usually allows you to look at previously intractable working moments from a different angle. This is also definitely worth mentioning when communicating with the employer.
3. Bad recommendations. Yes, yes, and with bad recommendations it is also quite possible to get a job. The main thing is to correctly present the reason for the farewell to the past service. For example, if you were fired because of a conflict with a leader, then declare that you are an honest, fair person and always defend your position. And it is necessary to say that you will zealously defend not only yourself, but also the interests of the company in which you work. But it is impossible to talk about anything in any way, given the bad recommendations, it’s not good to speak about former colleagues or past leaders. This is a taboo!
We hope that now you understand how to turn your shortcomings into your advantages and that now you can easily pass any interview. If you still have any problems, feel free to contact the specialized recruitment agency, which has been searching and selecting specialists for more than one year. For example, the company “Gloria” has perfectly recommended itself. Reversal is especially shown here if you need staff recruitment for IT companies, because the main “local” specialization is IT recruiting.