Friendly collective - is a base of the successful work

Friendly collective - is a base of the successful work

In the given small post we try to prove postulate, determined in the title.

So, we start from that, who is obliged to ensure the teambuilding. In accordance with the opinion of the specialists of the recruiting agency "Gloria" - this is prerogative especially of the directing officials. In addition,  the size of the firm, company, enterprise, its activity  or property form is not  very important. In fact, the task, is not simple, because it would like that the collective work not only for the reward, but also with purpose of the this corporative idea achievement. In the conclusion, the single team must be formed with the common purpose, intentions, and the main is  - with exact priorities. And all mentioned-above should presented the harmonious functional, efficiently system.

For this to happen, all members of the team must take a lot of efforts, firstly, the directing officials. First of all, the cofortable work conditions must be ensured. Each member of the team, not depending  of the posts and salary, must feel yourself comfortably on the working place. It is clear, that the ensuring of the  necessary equipment for the work, chancellery must be full.

For the achievement of this purpose, the developing of the exact system and motivation, some balance between encouragement and punishment. For the teambuilding the traditions are very important, especially those, which express in the encouragement of the employees successes. In plus, it must be and in the financial plan and as gratitude. The last one you should do to the view of all team. The similar additional stimulation won't add. In the case with the punishment everything must be vice versa.  It is better to point out on the "faults", defects, mistakes in the work vis-a-vis. Because do you need additional negative in the collective?

In spite of the given team-work, for the teambuilding the weekly common meeting will be useful. If the big collective, it will be good to make these meetings rationally on departments. On such meetings everyone must have possibility to share with their difficulties and achievemnts. The situation must be loyal, that the colleagues do not feel shy to help each other by the advices. The secret is in that and psychologists and sociologists confirm this, that very often all the problem which for the first view are difficult to resolve for the not interested person, we can resolve so-called on one-two-three.....

The relations in the work collective strengthen perfectly and joint rest. The collective turn out on the nature, visiting of the historical or saint places, cultural events or simply "gatherings" in the cafe or in bar - is very and very effective. You think, why you are interviewed about the hobbies and addictions. In such way, it is explained, if the candidate have some chances to blend quicklu into the collective. It is also clear that in the all mentioned-above events shoul be not-formal situation.

The last method, which every year takes the popularuty, presents by the itself the invitation for the teambuilding of the professional psychologist, trainer. And teambuildings, and different trainings can be very and very effective. Another affair that the services of such professionals are prohibitively expensive.

The conclusion is simple - for the productive work, and also for the successful purpose achievement, the enterprise needs friendly collective. To achieve this, the efforts of all members will need. The waited result on the teambuilding can ensure only concentrated joint work.