Foreign languages for the work and business

Do you want to have an important advantage, both in terms of career growth, and in terms of the personal prospects? Start to learn foreign languages! The perfect knowledge of one foreign language - is already norm for every educated person, and the requires of the modern market do not stand on the same place...So that is why, and for a work, and for business, it is necessary to learn  foreign languages!

For representatives of which professions study of languages is especially important? Will knowledge of languages be required for those who work in the regions? What language will be better to learn? Is it possible to learn perfectly the languages without paying money? On all these questions we try to answer in our small publication.

Who needs to know another language at work? 

Having analysed existing vacancie, it was not difficult to form the list of the specialities, to which the employers put forward conditions regarding knowledge of  the foreign languages. The list is not very big:

- call-centre operator;

- personal assistant;

- account Manager;

- developer;

- copywriter;

- marketing specialist;

- journalist;

- economist;

- account;

- secretary;

- engineer;

- redactor;

- lawyer.

Will knowledge of languages be required for those who work in the remote places?

There is no special difference, where you live in the capital or in the periphery. If you are the owner of the profession of the list above, perfect knowledge of one more foreign language, believe, will not be excess. According to the sociologist, the mentioned-above professions is required the knowledge of the another language regardless of whether a vacancy is open in the capital or on the periphery.

Yes, in the remote places the "foreign" vacancies are less than usuak, but also the salaries in such episodes are attracted by about a third higher numbers. Usually in the services of the specialists with knowledge of the another foreign language needs  the solid regional enterprises. The sphere of the their interests, as a rule - industril manufacturing, exctraction of minerals, etc.

As usual, any solid business in the regions always needs Sales Manager, Top managers, and also Personal assistants with speaking language. All the mentioned-above is actual and for the vacancies, which open mass-medis resources.

What language will be better to learn ?

Despite the completion of the linguists about the increase of the relevance of the Chinese language, the current work market does not confirm this yet. The similar vacancies, if they occur, are of a single character, but imply either a translation or teaching activity.Yes. there are some offers for the cooperation with Chinese partners. In addition, in the view of the rarity of the combination of any narrow speciality and knowledge of Chinese language, the similar vacancies are estimated accordingly.

In fact, English is in the high demand on the labour market. It will an advantage and for the carеer growth, and in the requalification, and in the case of the employment in the more significant company. So the foreign language under the first number for every qualififcated specialist and must become English.

With regard to the second language, everything is also not difficult. You should to choose it orienting on the own guidelines. If analyse so-called "business-languages", so with not big distance after English follows German. But there are still enough tight languages such as Spanish and Italian, Arabic and Chinese, finally, Japanese.

Is it possible to learn perfectly language, without paying any money?

If you set a goal, everything is possible! Without desire, of course, and also without efforts and the time allotted for this, nothing will come of it. You should to make a plan and select the necessary resources, and to care about the language environment, and much more....If you will be persistent, and U will do everything systematically, the result will not keep you waiting!