Features of the recruitment in the regions

Gloria  - recruiting company (Kiev, Ukraine) makes the staff selection, including the it staff selection  is not far one year. And the experience here is tremendous, and the reputation of the enterprise - excellent. So on this capital company on the employment all those difficulties are known which feel every enterprise that needs staff selection in the regions of cause of the enlargement.

If the capital enterprise or well-known brend open their affiliated societis, departments in the regions, they invariably face the problem of the selecting qualified personnel. To find really experienced employees of the high echalon in the outback is a problem.  Some recruiting agency recommend in this case to entice and to reeducate the specialists from the allied spheres, but, as a rule, this is not the best way out. Because the success of the work on the regional market directly depend on the quality of the selected personnel. But there is the way out and not one. The problem is really to decide in one of three ways. Firstly, in the regions it is possible to send on an official trip the specialists from the principle office.

Second variant - the business trip with the presentation of the higher post of the perspective specialist from the another region. Such decisions for the young and perpective ones even is fast carrier growth, and the new place of living becomes the home for them. But these unexpectable locations  are more succesfull in those case, if the enterprise will help with the living problem, and in the employment of the second member of the family.

Third variant, which sometimes the big companies on the employment realise - independently preparation of the necessary specialists. The scheme is following - young people are attracted to work from the first courses of the institutions. But in this the futur employer pay to "his" student good bursary. In particular this practice works well, if for the regions are needed in the perspective so-called linear staff.

Then and there about how is executed the effective selection of the managing staff for the regions. Gloria - recruiting company (Kiev, Ukraine) recommends in this case wisely and in all sides to estimate the candidates. During the analysis of the candidates it is necessary to take into consideration the specific of the region, in which the candidate search is executed. It is not a secret, that the level of the training and managing it-specialists, including, differs significantly from one region to another. Even the quality of the higher education in another place desire to be more better and better. So the estimation of the basic knowledge of the candidates on this or those post shoud be executed with the consideration of that, where they obtain the education, and where concretely will be work.

The important thing is consider the set of the competencies required in this region in the relation to the regional developement strategy of the enterprise. After all it happens that the kind of the strong specialist is found, but its personal data is absolutely inappropriate for the realization of the region tasks. He tracts the achievements in not properly way, and the its motivation does not correspond to the level of the company. In this case. it is better to continue the search of more suitable candidate.

And about how is realised for the regions the it staff selection. The main thing in this case to determine the level of the competenced and the "seriousness of intents" of the candidate. In fact, the confidence of the potential employee is the answer on the simple question: "for what you need this work?". Having analyze the answers of all candidates, to make the choice will be not difficult. It is clear that the professionalism must be also taken into considertion.