Features of the group interview

In the current job market, it is quite difficult to find the workplace that suits you, including the salary level. However, even when the desired vacancy is found, it may well turn out that other applicants are applying for it and to prove their superiority it is necessary to pass a lot of different interviews, including group ones. But what do these group interviews in general represent? When and for what they are most often spent today? Responsible for the consulting company Gloria, feedback on the work of which is always flawless.

Group interview is the tool to which modern companies often resort, searching and recruiting staff. Kiev and his recruiting agency Gloria, however, explains that such interviews usually do not differ from traditional interviews, except by the number of participants. However, there are here also some specific features, nuances about which the recruiting company Gloria will tell further.

First, Gloria's recruiting agency draws the attention of all current job seekers to the fact that a group interview today is often the very first interview that representatives of the company arrange for applicants for a particular position. In this case, employees of the recruitment agency try to save themselves time, immediately telling about the conditions of future work (those that they do not suit are being screened), as well as the demands placed on the competitors (those who do not correspond to them are screened out). However, again, sometimes group interviews are held at a later stage.

Secondly, Gloria - a modern recruiting agency whose rating is really high, notes the fact that many companies do not moderately report that the future interview will be a group interview. This is done in order to see a lively reaction to the change of circumstances of the applicant. Therefore, if you are just a couple of minutes before the interview itself was informed of the presence of a large number of participants, in no case should one show concern or confusion. Feel free to go to the office and try to prove yourself in the best possible way. Well, but how to do it, further Consulting Company Gloria, reviews about which are always the best, will tell you separately.

The first thing Gloria recruiting company advises for all participants of the group interview is that you will definitely need to separate yourself somehow. That is, if you know the answer to the question or the way to solve the problem, then in no case should one remain silent. However, it is also important not to overdo it. If you have not found answers or solutions yet, do not say crazy ideas or act at random. In this case it is better to show prudence, to be silent and to observe the swaras (in no case do we engage in squabbles) with the rest. In the case of such behavior, there will be a chance that you will be invited to the next meeting, because the questions themselves can be purposely asked clearly "off topic" and even the swards are rigged.

Positive criticism with constructive suggestions - that's what the company, searching and recruiting personnel, will obviously expect from you. Kiev and its professional recruiters perfectly know the formula of such correct criticism. You can designate it like this:

  • Praise ("your idea is really original");
  • Designation of the shortcomings of the idea ("but in your proposal there are some disadvantages ...");
  • Proposal for a more appropriate option ("more appropriate is the next way ...").

Gloria - Kiev recruiting agency, whose rating is really high, advises you, by entering into disputes with opponents in a group interview, adhere to the above scheme. And be sure of yourself, try not to worry too much and the work will definitely get to you! Good luck!;


Lyudmila Petruchenko