Examination of personnel by recruitment agencies

Examination of personnel - is a comprehensive assessment of skills and abilities of personnel and capacity and levels of development. Today in Ukraine are various ways and methods of examination of personnel. It can be realized through internal and external evaluation. If the assessment is carried out by internal personnel staffing service, unfortunately, impossible to avoid such a bias estimation. Of course, many of the factors of evaluation, such as the assessment of economic viability or that the employee will be objective, because they often add up due to report on plans of sales, volume of output, etc. However, certification of personnel will not be complete if the evaluators  will not evaluate the assessment of competencies, capabilities and potential of personal development. These situations occur because of an internal HR managers and recruiters, as are members of the team and the team, which directly assessed. Gloria recruitment agency offers its clients a quality service certification and assessment of the staff.

We perform quality work, as we use modern, valid methodology for assessing personnel, we have extensive experience in this direction, using their own unique tests. Since we are working for an employer and are interested in affective assessments, we always clarify the client's request. After all, you can include an assessment of staff of different factors that are important to the owner of the company. These evaluation criteria are: relevance to the company, career guidance, motivation, leadership skills, the potential level of development, personal values​​, and orientation - all this is just a factor of professional readiness of man. Gloria recruitment agency - it is confidence in the accuracy, quality and convenient use of the results. Many employers, after receiving the results of the evaluation of personnel, are beginning to see their company differently. As it becomes clear that the company is efficient and who is not, they see the personal potential of each employee, they see who is the "weakest link".

Appraisal and evaluation of personnel is important to regularly, it must involve not only new employees but also those who have long been at his post. Since in the professional field is such thing as professional burnout - this applies to professionals who hold the position of a relatively long time, and professional immaturity - that applies to young professionals.