Employment of the young people

Those, who find the job for yourself independently, knows perfectly that this process is very difficult and laborious. but is is more difficult, if you find your first work, you have not any experience, skills and knowledge. But where we can apply in this case? How to deal yourself to will be liked by the potential employer? About all this we would like to talk you further.

We start from that, especially where and whom is necessary to find its frist job. In that case, if you are study in the so-called day department of the university and feel the strength and desire to work additionally (probably, there are not desire and forces, but there is necessity), so there is no possibility to try to employ  on the speciality. Especially it is actual in that case, if you are you are still studying for the first-second year. Here it is beter for you to pay attention on the vacancies with minimum requirements and maximum free schedul (waiter, courrier, promoter). To employ on such work it won't be very difficult, but as a result you will receive not only the money, but also precious experience of the first employment.

Do you study on the full-time department, but already on the third year and above? So you can try to find for yoursel the work on the speciality. It is clear that no one will take you to work on "full extent" and on "full-time basis".That is why the best variant here - is to employ as secratary, asisstant to the experienced employer of your speciality. In general, it will not be bad to try to employ in the firm that works in your future "native sphere". In the first, and in the second of the mentioned above cases you will have the excellent chance to recommend you and even to receive the job on the speciality.

What concerning those people, who receive the education for a distance or on the so-called evening faculty, so for them during the search of the first job are some actual rules, that mentioned above. But honestly in this case you need to find full-time work

We talked about which work and for whom is better to find. Now it is time to discuss the optimal channels for the search of the first service. In fact, here it is necessary to use the most different possibilities: starting from the regular review of  the printed and online mass-media, finishing by the friends and relatives interrogations, self-posting vacancies on specialized sites.

And now it is time to speak how behave yourself on the interviews to get the first job.

The first and principal rule, which is really work well and which will help you to achieve suces on the absolutely any interview - is hospitability. No, of course, there is not possibility to say out of hand that you are, in general, quite lazy person and you have also the promlems with communication - everything like this it is better to keep it to yourself. But to try to say not truth about some official information (age, existing of the education and so on) - is really bad idea. Take into account if the deception opens, you can close the road not only to this, but to many other companies. And everything because today many enterprises use general employees datas, where , where they painstakingly record information about everyone who has been on the interview.

With the first rule we determined - it is forbidden to hide the important official information on the interview. But what concerns the second rule, so it sounds  in the following way - express your proactivity, interest. Your task on the interview - to give a potential employer to understand, that you really want and ready to work. It is possible to improve your zeal and striving  in the different ways (hot assurances, questions about future service with attentive listening to answers). Choose your best option and act!