Do the side job bring good income?

Today we want to tell about the side job. Particularly, in the given publication we discuss, how often our compatriots come to this side job and how much money they receive from it. And also we say for you some popular ways for additional income getting and we call the concret amounts, which by this or another way you can earn.

In spite of that for 2017 year the salary of the Ukrainians  increased approximately on 11 %, a lot of our compatriots don't hurry to leave the choosen variants of the side job. Why? Because, the percent of the inflation is same, 2017 year consists 11,5 year. And this means, that the earned money will be enough not far for everyone and on everything. If speak more concretly, 45 % of the all worked persons has one or another side job. 38 % has not side job, but searched it actively. The remaining respondents shared equally and said that some of them generally have only part-time work, and the second half does not interest work.

Continuing to analyze the statistics on additional sources of income, it is worth noting that most of those who have part-time work (63% of respondents),give it time off from the main service. 5% were lucky enough to receive additional income by simply renting a house.

It is interesting that the majority of the respondents, having side job, that means, getting the additional income (56%), work on its principal speciality. 25 % of the asked persons, of the interviewed money brings their hobby. Another 10% receive income from labor as a laborer.

Again one interesting fact is that majority of those, who received the additional income (62% respondents) always have the side job. And again 31 % apply to the side job only having free time. And the rest 7% have the side job when there is piercing need in the money.

Continuing to discuss the statistics of Ukrainian additional earnings, it is worth noting that most people give the second job from 10 hours a week.

It was quite curious the answer on the question about do the side job bring those or another notcomfort feelings. That is why, 28 % of the citizens said that there is any discomfort. The same number of respondents noted that they are tired of working off physically. 19% of respondents said that part-earnings bring them only pleasure. 17 % mentioned, that the side job takes the time which they can spent on the personal life. 8% said  that because of the workmanship they are in a constant state of stress.

And now we came to the most principal thing, how much money do the side job bring our compatriots. That is why, approximately 46 % of the inquired persons said that the side job give them to get to 30% from the principal salary.
19 % mentioned, that having the third career, they have 30-50 % of their principal salary. 11 % noticed that on the side job for part-time work accounts for more than 50% of their basic salary. 9% of earnings are earned more than working at the main duty station. For 8% part-time work is a way to get exactly half of the salary. For 6% - an additional source of income brings a sum equivalent to an official

At the end, as we promised, we want to tell you about the most popular variants of the part-time work at this moment and about that, how much money such side job can bring. The first popular way to get the additional  income - to employ as secret buyer ( from 20 to 200 UAH for one revision). The second less popular way - work with groups in the social networks. For a month of the work it is possible to receive from 300 to 2000 UAH. The third is still popular and you can even say a classic option - earnings on resale of something. For example, reselling newspapers on the streets can get from 2000 to 3000 UAH per month.