Do our universities graduate enogh young specialists to saturate the IT-market?

Do our universities graduate enogh young specialists to saturate the IT-market?

Information technologies ( abbreviation of this expression - IT) represent by themselves the different methods ans processes, and also the methods of the implementation ways of such methods and processes related with provision, collection, dissemination, retrieval, storage and processing of information. Specialists, working with the information technologies is acceptable to call IT or IT-specialists, and the market of the similar working force, in accordance, IT or IT-market.

Especially about this market we want to speak with you later. Particularly, we will try to understand why the majority strive to get in this market and why the demand on IT-professionals increases? We also speak if our universities graduate enough specialists for the modern IT-market and what it is necessary to do for the yesterday's graduates to find and get the good work.

We start from why the market of IT-specialists always is growing, develop and why here there is a stable increase of the demand on the good specialists. In  general, all these questions are soon rhetorical, because even children see, how modern IT-technologies develop quick and fast-moving. That is why, this quick and fast-moving provokes an increase in demand.

In general, it is necessary to say that a lot of people came on the IT market designedly to find here a good work. There is nothing surprising in this, because IT-specialists are appreciated very higly. Moreover not only are such employees well paid, they are also valued in the service, trying to create the most convenient conditions for  the productive work.

And now let speak about our universities, which prepared IT-specialists. Faithfully let try to understand if our universities graduate enough similar employees. Immediately we note that the quantity of the draduates, who gradute the universities today do not satisfy catastrophically the needs of the market. Truthfully it will be more correct to say by another words: in theory, the numbers of the graduates can satisfy the needs of the modern IT-market. In reality or in practice,  the level of the preparation of the majority of the graduates does not permit to such specialists work on speciality immediately. Very often (almost in the half of cases) it is necessary the obtain deeper knowledges, in what is the main problem and the main cause of the existing deficit on the modern IT-market.

So what we must to do? It is not bad variant to resolve the problem was offered by the Kharkiv IT-companies. In general, we won't dissemble, Kharkov  IT-universities graduate almost the most trained specialists in the industry. So, that favorable situation, which is on the Kharkiv IT-market - is the situation, when IT-companies create the special projects, direct to the additional training of the graduates. After such additional training the local companies take desirably newly graduated specialists to the work.

The conclusion of such cooperation with additional trainings is positive for everyone. The companies get well-prepared specialists. The newly draduates find the desirable work very quick and after the graduation of the not long training courses get more deeper knowledges in the IT-sphere. The local market of all this is only wins.

In addition, the main mistake of the majority of the graduates is in the stable refuse of the additional trainings passing. 
Young people are often sure, that they are well experienced specialists and refuse of the further self-improvement. If you want to employ on the worthy IT-work, do not let this fault.