Do I need to prepare for an interview in advance?

What is meant by an interview in recruiting? This is the name of the process during which specialists for a certain period of time evaluate the applicant for the position according to a certain list of criteria, including compatibility with the company and the team.
“Gloria” - the capital recruiting agency in this post will tell you why it is so important to prepare in advance for an interview. Moreover, the latter is significant in any case, whether the selection of personnel of the highest level, middle or initial level, the selection of personnel under the contract is implemented. The secret is that no matter how confident the applicant is, not a few units manage to give in to excitement during a conversation with the interviewer. The others, to one degree or another, are still worried, which contributes to mistakes and mistakes, especially if the applicant hopes for a successful improvisation, but did not consider it necessary to prepare. What is meant? It is imperative that on the eve of an important interview, the exact dates of admission and dismissal from former jobs should be recalled. In this area, in particular, if a personnel search is carried out in a short time, the accuracy and veracity of information (figures and facts) is a priority. Even the hiccups in the answers of the applicant, not to mention their absence, significantly reduce the likelihood of getting the desired place.
It turns out that if you give a potential employer the opportunity to appreciate you, having prepared for the conversation in advance, both parties will benefit. The best option is not to rely on improvisation, but to prepare a well-structured self-presentation. Well, if this "workpiece" will be multivariate. What does it mean? As a rule, each serious recruitment agency has in its arsenal a list of standard questions for applicants. Of course, depending on whether the selection of personnel is carried out under the contract or the search for personnel is carried out in a short time, such a typical “questionnaire” is somewhat different. However, even if the selection of top-level personnel is implied, standard questions are drawn up according to a single algorithm. In other words, no matter what position you apply for, you need to prepare answers to typical questions. Gloria’s specialists (Kiev recruitment agency) recommend that these “preparations” include the facts of previous successful work experience, operational decisions, professional achievements, and interest in getting this place. However, when preparing the answers, it is reasonable to observe a certain balance; these should not be either overly abstruse phrases, or monosyllabism, or banality. Only then the brevity, clarity of answers will satisfy everyone. Recall that any statements with a negative connotation about the previous place of work, colleagues during the interview are unacceptable.
People respect those professionals who are confident in themselves, value their time and themselves. Therefore, before a scheduled interview at Company N, you should at least collect minimal information about a potential employer (key areas of activity, development prospects, achievements, etc.). In addition, it’s not bad to prepare a few questions about future work (list of responsibilities, nuances of corporate culture and salary, social package). This will not only allow you to look more serious and interested during the conversation, but also protect you from the machinations of fraudsters.
And the main thing that should be done before the interview is to tune in to positive. Internal confidence in the success of the enterprise is also an important part of preparing for an interview. Remember this, and the desired position will be yours!