Differencies of the usual company from the start-up

Startup, startup, startup....This wise word sounds today all around, but the majority does  not understand exactly what it means. Especially with this question we decided to apply in the recruiting agency "Gloria". We reminder that this recruiting compnay works on the market for a long time and more that once was awarded  in the special ratings, as the best recruiting company. Kiev (Ukraine) - is the principal city of the work of "Gloria", but if your enterprise is in the another city and you are interested, for example, in the qualificated IT specialists search, so the employees of "Gloria" will give you the necessary help.

And now we transfer by our own words all those information about startups and its differencies of the usual companies, with which the recruiting agency "Gloria' exchanged with us.

First of all, of course, it is necessary to understand with this, what startup presents by itself. There is not the exact determination in the network. it is more correctly there a lot of the determination, but all they, from our pint of the view, don't express exactly the essence of what is happening. That is why, the startup - is the special form of the business, which expects the ulimited budget, new idea and which is set on the maximum quick and acute start and upturn. In the this there are not some plans on the long-playing perspective in the startups and their founders. 

And now about the by what the startups, from the point of the view of the company "Gloria", which, we reminder, make professionally the search of the IT specialists and not only, differencies of the usual companies.

And the first differencies is in the innovativeness of the principal idea. By another words? if you want to open your company, it is absolutely not obligatory that it makes something original. Your enterprise can be the competitor for the tenner and even hundreds of already existing firms. And with the startup everything is in another way. The similar business should offer something new or essentially improve something existed. This is important here!

The second differency of the company from the startup is in that the first will be execute only under the condition that her activity brings the steadily profit. Really, you won't have the shop that works at a loss. And what concerns the startup, so it can try to develop itself some months and even years, without bringing anything.