Current vacancy: Java backend developer

Choosing a profession for themselves, each of us wants to do not only what you like, but also that brings good income. Almost the biggest profit is received by so-called web developers. However, web developers not only can fairly expect high wages. Such specialists are constantly in demand both in our country and abroad. Moreover, very often in the modern recruitment agency (Kiev) "Gloria" and other similar companies of the capital, representatives of foreign companies address not only for the purpose of hiring web developers on terms of remote cooperation. Recently, Ukrainian experts are increasingly receiving proposals for relocation. Therefore, if you are thinking about the possibility of moving to another country, it's worth thinking seriously about web development as the main direction of activity.
A web developer is a web developer. For example, recently developers, that is experts who are engaged in writing scripts for servers, are especially in demand in the Java backend market. The main difference between Java backend developers and just backend developers is that the first ones work using the server programming language Java. However, if you know other programming languages ​​(Note JS, Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP), then you also have good chances to get a job as a backend specialist.
Backend developers are responsible for creating a "server" part of a particular application. In other words, they create the architecture, databases, software logic of the IT-product. However, on the shoulders of Java backend developers, there are usually responsibilities for optimizing previously created applications. Usually here it is about increasing the efficiency of the application, increasing its speed and (or) expanding the existing database.
Very rarely, Java backend specialists work alone, independently. Most often they have to actively interact with frontend-specialists. The latter, recall, are responsible for the external elements of the application.
Coming to work in this or that company, the first thing a web developer can count on (especially for a young specialist without experience) is the position of an intern in the development department. However, even if you have a rich portfolio and an impressive experience, you will most likely initially be accepted only for a probationary period. If you are good at recommending yourself, soon (from 1 to 3 months) you can get the position of a junior backend developer. The subsequent movement on a career ladder will allow you to take a post at first simply backend-developer, then the senior developer. Then follows the position of the head of the development team, the project manager and, finally, the head of the development department, the IT director.
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