Consulting company "Gloria" - the source of verified vacancies

Consulting company "Gloria" - the source of verified vacancies

Recruiting Company Gloria - metropolitan agency with an impeccable reputation, to which trusted solution of problems of any complexity. If need a search and selection of personnel, professional management, quality monitoring, then call in the Gloria. Work on the maximum result  - the company's credo. Here is working professional, well-organized team that qualitatively and on time solves the problem.

Consulting company Gloria, reviews of about work of which (7 years on the market!), only the most positive fills only "verified vacancies". Search and selection of the personnel here based on the principle - all the candidates, of course, are good, but for some specific vacancies are fit, and for the other - absolutely not. Therefore, if you are a professional in the field, we will help you with decent employment and pay!

What does "verified vacancies"? How did Recruiting Company Gloria implements highly professional search and selection of staff for specific job? How and by what method checks the resume of competitors? What is given the most attention in the company? Our publication is dedicated to answer on the listed above questions.

Let's start with terminology. "Verified" - which means really the right, passed certain tests to determine any special features, characteristics. "Vacancy", in its turn, one of the most popular virtual dictionaries calls vacant position, work place. Thus, under the "verified vacancy" shall mean a real unsubstituted position, the procedure for obtaining of which is specified directly by the employer. Recruitment agency Gloria works only with real companies and, accordingly, offers to its customers exclusively real working positions.

Recruiting Company Gloria offers vacancies (Kyiv region) only for professionals in a particular profession. At the same time, recruitment agence while taking resume from job seekers, in addition to providing recommendations from previous places of work, asked to adhere to the following conditions in terms of full compliance required in the application:

- Professional skills;

- Personal characteristics.

Need to emphases and the lack of applicants of any personal problems, negativity, especially those who pose a potential threat to the quality of the future work.

For each applicants with decent pay without exception, mandatory serve specially prepared tests. Moreover, for some vacancies, they are developed individually. A professional approach and commitment involves interviewing an expert in this field. In the course of the last turns degree of willingness to work and grow together with the enterprise-employer

It is necessary to recall the presence of the company and a special stop list, the so-called "black" list of resumes. Consulting company Gloria reviews, it turns out, assembles and hemming and those unfortunate candidates who were once caught by staff on fraud and simply bad faith, incompetence or other improper professional flaws, miscalculations, misdemeanors.

If you are interested in professional recruiting, remember Gloria (or Kyiv region - does not matter) offers a truly verified vacancies, since the main objective of the company - the result, the successful business activity of clients.