Consulting company "Gloria" - selection of TOP management

Consulting company "Gloria" - selection of TOP management

To choose managerial staff - a real peak in the art of recruiting, because not every modern recruitment agency, and not even every major recruiting company in the capital, offers such services. Search and selection of the personnel with the prefix TOP - the prerogative of the best of the best on the market. Everything is logical, uncommon to find a person who well knows how to organize himself and organizing, who will have a remarkable wealth of knowledge, skills, will be able to make informed decisions even in extreme situations - today it's not so simple...

The catch in the fact that these unique employees, as a rule, in each branch without exception can be count and its good, reliably employed. Usually, they are truly appreciated by the employers and literally blown off the frame of a speck of dust, and even encouraging financially. Note for top managers in most companies accepted compensation in the form of not only the salary but also bonuses and long-term sufficient tangible benefits. The share of past, ongoing, for example in the form of shares of the company can account for up to 50% of remuneration. Accordingly, the salary and bonuses, make up the second half, and are expressed about equal shares. It is noteworthy that the remuneration of managers or, in other words, top managers often in recent years, linked to the achievement of certain performance objectives or long-term growth in the value of the company.

Excellent motivators for top-managers serves providing of the share of ownership of the enterprise, which is confirmed by a study conducted by consulting firm that Gloria. Comments on the impact of managers, working in the conditions of such long-term programs is much higher than in those without such motivation levers. Indeed, because in fact, working on such conditions, the head, working on himself, reinforcing a daily basis and own well-being.

Consulting company Gloria, has perfect feedback, happy to take up the selection of the leaders of the highest level of skills and training. Actually it is the orientation of the company in the search and selection of top echelon staff and led the once small recruitment agency to the current success and prosperity.

Since 2008, the recruiting company Gloria  (Kyiv r+ egion) offers in all areas, including search and managers. Moreover, the range of services in recent years, already covers the territory of all Ukraine, and sometimes goes beyond serving foreign customers.

The secret of our success is that Gloria  (Kiev,  19/7 Lipskaya str.) closes vacancies, and using their own unique methods and the so-called method of Executive search. Last in a literal translation from English means a targeted search, and assumes selection of senior executives who not only effectively manage people, make informed decisions, but also capable of generating innovative solutions in terms of further development of the enterprise. Apply its own search technology senior managers take into account the characteristics and the intended business and labor market analysis, and the desired profile of the applicant for the position.

A team of professionals working exclusively on the result, implementing the tasks in the timeline, the maximum quality and responsible approach to each order. The advantage of cooperation with Gloria acts and the complexity of the services provided, for example, a bonus can be a possibility of obtaining further advice with regard to increasing the efficiency of human resource management.