Career perspectives of the advertising sales manager

Recently, a lot of our compatriots met with the necessity of the work search. If you have been looking for a suitable service from a recent time, so you, more than likely, have already met on the websites and in print media such vacancies,as "advertising sales manager". Therefore, especially about such speciality and about that, what such work offers, to whom it is convenient and which perspectives have, we would like to talk with you today.

Firstly, let's understand who is advertising sales manager and which are his responsibilities. And such specialist should do the following: offer to the companies to place its advertising on the employer's locations. By another words, as for the advertising sales manager, it is necessary to call in the various companies (visit the offices of the different companies by himself) and offer to these enterprises to place its advertising at your banner, your website, in your newspaper and etc.

Essentially, the work of the advertising sales manager is not very difficul. Therefore, even those people who are just looking for their first job or who wish to earn money during stydying can try themselves at this profession. And as the common folk say, "up goes the donkey", it will be possible to reckon on not bad perspective, for example, to take the post of the head of the advertising department or advertising director. In general, sometimes their potential clients notice the advertising sales manager and invite them at their service for this or that vacancy.

The career of an advertising sales manager is good not only because there are good prospects here, but also because it is really possible to try yourself in such a position. Firstly, as usual the employers do not make any special demands in terms of age. The lower link is at 20-25 years, the upper one - at 35-40 ages.

Secondly, in order to obtain a similar job, you generally can not have any education. Here, for the employer, rather, not a diploma (its presence or absence) is important, but what personal qualities do you possess. In particular, for the advertising sales manager  it is very important the ability to communicate with people, to start up the conversation and to keep the ball rolling, skill "to sell snow to the  Eskimo" and etc. For example, the politeness, stress resistance, perseverance and other similar qualities will be an advantage.

The single significant disadvantages that the advertising sales manger has - direct dependence between quantity of the done deals and amount of the work payment. In another words, as usual such managers are paid some very modest amount (there may not even be a fixed rate). The rest of the income will be the percentage from the done deals, that means from the saled advertising locations. It implies  if the month that if you do not ask for a month and you can not sell a lot of advertising for some reason, you will not get a decent income either.

But, despite on the mentioned abouve minus, we still advise you to try yourself in the work of the advertising manager in the event that you have now had a working simple. So you will be able to earn a little and to improve significantly your communicative skills.

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