Basic mistakes during writing of resume

How often when sending your CV to a vacant position you are thinking about the fact why there is no answer from the employer? The answer is quite simple: either you have a template resume that does not stand out among the gray mass of others, or your resume is teeming with typical errors. Summary - it's a brand thing, your self-presentation in the absence of you. How an employer can hire a someone who made a gross mistakes even do not start working?

Therefore consulting company Gloria will teach you the secrets of efficient and "working" resume. In this difficult time when unemployment is literally walking through the streets of Kiev, you are simply have no chance for mistake. So, the basic logical errors when writing a resume (grammar and spelling is not even discussed) as follows:

Stereotypeness - express your individuality and creativity to create a resume in order to not remain unnoticed.

Incomplete basic and contact information - no names, phone numbers - fatal error.

Hiding information about previous work places - pretty annoying and disturbing the attempt to deceive.

Specifying of character traits that do not have absolutely nothing to do with work - well, why should the employer know that you are swallow a fire or sculpt with clay in your free time?

The use of professional slang - resume is not always fall into the hands of colleagues.


Lyudmila Petruchenko