Basic mistakes at the interview

In order to get the coveted position, you will need to write a resume, if possible provide positive recommendations about yourself from previous jobs and, of course, to pass interview successfully. And, as practice shows, the most questions, concerns and problems for candidates of a particular vacancy arises with the latter. Given this, the consulting company Gloria, reviews of which is always a positive, decided to tell what the main mistakes of people who want to get the coveted position, makes at the interview and how to avoid them.

So here it is, a list of major mistakes in the interview, which should definitely explore all those who want to find a job in Kiev.

Mistake one: lies!

The first tip that gives each recruitment company to an applicant of a particular position - it's never lie during the interview. This tip, we must say, really worthwhile, because it doesn't matter about what you are lying to check the veracity of the provided information will be easy. For example, at first glance, a white lie that you have an excellent command of the English language, may be immediately disclosed - at the department employee responsible for staff recruitment, just will talk with you in English ...

However, the main reason to not lie in the interview is not that you can goof, feel uncomfortable, etc. Remember the other - a summary of an honest man, most likely, will continue to keep the person in charge of recruitment, and if you do not suit for the company right now, perhaps, that in time they will call you about a suitable position. If you made a wrong statement, impression of you will be spoiled forever. In this case, you may not to hope in the future to get a job in the company which you like or even friendly firms (recruitment agency Gloria notes that some large companies are having so-called "black" lists of potential employees).

Mistake two: or just good, or nothing!

There is another important tip that gives to its candidates Consulting company Gloria - reviews about past jobs should be or exclusively positive, or stories about the past place of work in general should be avoided. Why so? Because any potential employer understands that all those details that you tell about the previous job, all the secrets of the former head that you telling today, may soon have touch the present employer. Simple laws of psychology (every recruitment company, and every good leader know this) if you shamelessly "sling mud" past job (whatever the objective reasons for this, you have), the same thing you will do in the future something towards the company that are taking you now.

Mistake three: I am who I am!

At home or with friends, you can show yourself as you really are. But in order to find a job in Kiev, you need to at least look neat (not necessarily to dress for an interview for the position of nanny a business suit, but chosen clothes should not be calling, and must be neat) and behave appropriately. In any case you shouldn't be late for an interview (better come early). However, any recruitment agency will tell you that being late, it is not a sentence, in contrast to the arrogant, boorish behavior towards HR representative. However, behave extremely insecure, reserved, apathetic - this is also wrong strategy. You need to be confident, to know exactly what you want (duties, working hours, rate of pay), but at the same time, listen carefully and try to understand the employer.


Lyudmila Petruchenko