About head's role in the logistics department

You saw the vacancy about the search of head in the logistics department and, taking into account the level of the salary, do you want to try your forces? Nobody forbids you to make a "test run", but first it is necessary to find out about what this head should be. Today we talk about this, and also we remember again,what is the logistics in general, for what it is necessary and why it is very important for the modern enterprise.

So, firstly lets brush up our knowledge of what logistics is and what exactly logistics department do in modern companies. The logistics makes, roughly said, in order to provide the enterprise with the necessary for constant, uninterrupted operation of materials. Generally, the logistics also decides the task how it will be better to send this or that goods of the company to the partners, clients. To speak by the simplier and comprehensible words, the logistics offers the convenient transport and optimal way that to bring  the raw material of finished goods to the enterprise or take away from the territory of the enterprise.

We have already understand  what is the logistics, and why it is necessary to the enterprise. But not let's talk about which knowledge and skills the head of the corresponding company department should have.

Firstly, the head of the ligistics department should be, in fact, as some link, which through transport connects not only the company and its customers, but also the company and its partners, suppliers and even individual units (provided that the latter are at a certain distance from each other). So here, to be really useful connecting link, the head of the logistics department should always keep his eyes on the ball of the enterprise and know about all current and planned trade-industrial events.

Secondly, in order to avoid any problems in the transportation process, the head of the logistics department should be well acquainted with the political, economic and weather situation in the country. It is important to monitor legal changes, and changes that have affected the road traffic rules. But if the company works with the clients/suppliers from abroad, so it is important to understand everything, mentioned above, not only in relation to Ukraine, but also in relation to other countries - those with which the enterprise cooperates.

Thirdly, especially the head of the logistics department is responsible for the tasks of the timely optimization, modernization of all logistics process. And this means, that the similar entity should be aware of all new technologies and promote their active implementation in their own department.

Of course, to take the post of the head of the logistics department and then to take hold on this position, the specialist should have not only the professional knowledge, skills and abilities ( some of them we have already mentioned above). It is also important to have some special character features.

For example, for the head of the logistics department, in general, and for the head of any other department, it is very important to get the collective act together  and own interaction with this same collective. Ability to make everything this and to maintain the correct balance between "I'm your head" and "I'm your friend" is not very easy.

For the head of the logistics department the stress-resistence is important, because in the road with every separate transport can be happened in fact everything what is possible. In addition, if there will be force-majeure, so especially the head should resolve it, so for this the good communicative skills will be necessary.