Events and facts are recruiting

Which IT-specialities will be in demand in 2018

IT-specialities are very appreciated on the modern job exchange. Such employees here, in fact, in much demand. But IT recruitment has some tendencies. With every year the employees, working with a particular branch of information technology, become more demanded and highly paid. Taking into account this, we decided to apply in the recruiting agency Gloria (we remember, that IT recruitment, as and top managers relocation, and also another similar services are profile work directions of the given enterprise) with the question which IT-specialities will be in forthcoming year.

What are the advantages of the remote employees?

Many of modern enterpreneurships give up their offices, prefering to work independently "at home" ( or less in the office) and from their own apartments to lead by the personnel work. In this it is expected, that the employees will also work remotely, that means from their houses and flats.

What to write in the vacancy description to find the the best employees

Stalin also admitted, that "cadres decide everything". And let it be in many respects with Joseph Vissarionovich it is possible to argue, but hardly anyone will undertake to challenge the above truth. However, no one will argue with the fact that it is quite difficult to find these cadres, especially regular, highly qualified personnel. If you try even one time to find for your company this or another personnel, so you are really know about what we say. But, of course, there are anothers secrets, which are able to easy and to speed up this not difficult process. For example, correctly drawn up announcements - is the half of success. So which mistakes do the employers make? Let's to understand!

Personnel relocation - one of the optimal decisions of the staff deficit

It is not long ago in the professionals' arsenal, which make the selection and personnel specialists, the new definition appeared - relocation. The explanation on this question was given to us by the recruiting agency on IT staff selection and another personnel - "Gloria". We remember that recruiting agency (Kiev - the place of the head office location) "Gloria" works on the market quite long time and has impeccable reputation. That is why we can trust bravely to its words.

Trainings and seminars visitation for the employees of the firm

A lot of the modern companies are senting their employees on the trainings and seminars. But what in general these events present by itself, by what they are differenciated and by what they are similar, for what they are necessary and is it necessary to spent the money and time on them? The answers and another questions - further.

What work do the foreigner employers offer to Ukrainians?

More and more compatriots try to get a job in a particular foreign company. But is it very well there, "abroad", as we think about this? Especially on this theme we decided to ask the company that make the selection of the qualified staff not one year - "Gloria". This recruiting company (Kiev), correctly their specialists told us about the salary level for the workers from Ukraine, opened the most demanded vacancies for the visitants.

Do the side job bring good income?

Today we want to tell about the side job. Particularly, in the given publication we discuss, how often our compatriots come to this side job and how much money they receive from it. And also we say for you some popular ways for additional income getting and we call the concret amounts, which by this or another way you can earn.

Interview in English

In our country the proverb sledge is worth preparing ahead of a time, in the summer is quiet popular. And it is necessary to say that this proverb has a sense. Because, if in the nearest future you are expected to find work and numerous interviews, it is necessary to prepare for the last before.

Is this effectively to conduct video-interview?

Due to the IT-innovations the average recruiter tools is always added. One of the most interesting variants of the new platform, which permit to optimize effectively the process of the employees selection and in this to make full impression about the candidates before personal interview, is so-called digital-interview. Russian analogues of the given definition are video-interviews. In addition among the recruiters has already flared up controversy over whether this innovation will take root in Ukraine or not.

How IT-position is popular now?

Recruiting company "Gloria" can help not only to find the employees, but to give the consultation on any of the employment questions, in whatever plane they lie. Realising daily the selection and staff search in Kiev, the recruiters will tell you easy how the engineers, personnel for the pharmacy and also IT developers are in demand now. The goal of the given publication, to analyze how IT-positions are popular in the employers.