7 methods to improve your CV

It is clear, that the employees' search and the personnel selection - is the prerogative of the professionals. It is not in vain, that the recruiting agency works today not only in the big cities, but also in the provincial cities. So the quality if the CV writing is very important. That is why the specialists of the company Gloria , who help to the customers a lot of years to find the employees, Kiev or it is another city - is not very important, prepared the given publication about 7 methods to the improve your own CV.

The main rule of the CV writing - honesty!

The methos number 2 - firstly think well - then do. The key task of CV - to show the value of the candidate as professional. Then in the document everything is important, and the composition, and interface. CV should be a pleasure to hold in the hands. It is necessary to remember, that first of all the recruiter will look it, and then hiring manager. The first, rather won't read it, and pull out from the text only that, what is important in the given concret  case. Think by yourself, the recruitert look approximately one hundred to three hundreds CV during the working day....If, in such way, the task - is to find the employees. Kiev - is for the sales sphere, so in the first turn, the specialist look on that how successfully the money was earned by the searcher. In its turn the employees search of the IT-sphere indended the emphasis on the existing of the different skills ans knowledge. If the recruitment is performed for the marketing sphere, so more important are the realised projects. Correspondently, for the accountant and auditor, lawyer it is very important scroupulousness and exactness, and for the designer - creativity. On all another titles the eyes of the recruiter simply fly. But the experienced recruiter can always catch, if there is in the document the connection betweent the education, career growth, trainings ans certificates, personal qualities and those post, on which the candidate want.

From the mentioned-above, we have the third method - subordination to the logic laws. If in the listed above elements of the document it is absent, the recruitet can put CV to the side.
All  recruiting companies without exception pay attention on the paragraph in CV, including the achievements of the candidate on every concrete place. The forth method to have success - to present the career in the description of the obligations and achievements, what we call as trending up.

The method №5 –  approach to the document execution responsibly, Firstly, the not only execution should be pleasant, but also navigation. Secondly, correspondence to the generally accepted norms is obligatory. We have in our mind the requirements to the font, type size, lack of the tables, list, line spacing, volume and etc. The phone pictures, we precise, are acceptable only for the represantatives of the creative specialities. Thirdly, it is possible to use  only the business language, but without formalism ( we about the phrases copies from the psts instructions and network). In the priority  - short sentences, without difficult for the reading and constructions understanding. The fourth, it is necessary to maintain the ideal structure. It is important, and to call correctly the file, and to save it in the correct form. In the relation of the first - it will be the scheme as "Family name   Name post" for example - Petrenko_Petro_interpreter, in the relation of second – DOCX.

The sixth method  - to make CV more expensive. For example, durinf often working place change, but in the limits of one company, it is better to not separate them, and to rest in one block, The volune in this sense is not important. Yes, one page for the person, who want on the solid post is not enough, three - a lot, but two pages - ideal. The value of CV can be rise and personnel qualities. Here everything is very simple, look into the vacancies which characteristics are needed and we choose the key, which you have, We remember, that in Cv we write only the truth and exceptionally truth.

And the last one - before send the CV, it is necessary to check scrupulously on all kinds of the mistakes. It is better to do this everything on the fresh head in the morning.