Events and facts are recruiting

What means headhunting?

Those people, which by one or another way, related with the personnel selection, some years ago complained on the big quantity of the candidates and small quantity of the vacancies. Today, the situation took another shade. The balance between desired ones to get work and the quantity of free places started to decrease. However all recruiting agencies notice the significant increasing of the requierements to the employees, desire to find personnel of the most high level, and coming out of all this, new, more agressive approaches to the search, selection of employees.

Search of key personnel

Today we speak about search of key personnel. But before how to touch, without doubts, important for the modern business theme, it is necessary to discuss, who are these key personnel, which advantages and particularities they have.

What is meant by the social package?

If you at this moment find work and regularly learn the vacancies in media, specialized websites, so you, probably, not one time meet the anouncements, in which the employers indicate proudly the term "social package". In theory, all we understand that the social package - is special social package. But, in fact, do you know what is in this package? We tell you more, about this even we don't know, because every modern enterprise has its own social package and your task before employ on the service (or during similar employment) is to know obligatory about the content of this mysterious social package.

IT specialists, what is their specialty and how to keep them in the company

IT specialities are in demand in all modern spheres. The headhunters hunt for them, they are poached from another companies, and sometimes even bring them under their business from scrath, paying to the perspective schoolers future education. There is nothing susprising in such agiotage around IT employees, because far-sighted entrepreneurs quite clearly understand that it is on such cadres and their quality work that the future loud success of the company rests.

Vacancies of small companies, how engage the candidates

Practically every modern specialist, in addition it is not important, this is specialist on marketing or the engineer, developer or manager, dreams to work in tremendous, popular corporation. Of course, because especially big companies create usuallu for its employees the best conditions, offer wide possibilities for the career growth, and also....And also, just so flattering to see in the eyes of others the admiration, when you, answering the question "Where do you work?", call the name of the world-known enterprise.

In what sphere the HR managers get the education

Recently HR manager profession is in demand. Of course, after looking through the page with the vacancies and looking at the amount promised to pay such specialists,a lot of us begin to interest who are such HR managers, which are their duties, and which education is necessary to take such position. Let's understand everything with you!

How to achieve the setted goal at work

If you want to achieve that or another purpose at work, so the first, what we need to do - is to form correctly this goal. The formulation must be from the first person, at the current time and obligatory positive. As for the last item, during the formulaton it is forbiddent to use "not"

To whom trust the top managers search in Kiev

Today we would like to raise quite difficult, and at the same time, important actual topic - how it is necessary to find the top-manager in Kiev. Generally, before speak about the particularities of the similar search, it is necessary to remember in fact who are top managers.

Methods for team productivity increasing

If you want that the employees of your company work more effictively and on the results, so this rticle was written especially for you. And everything because, today we would like speak with you about the most effective methods, according to the specialists opinions, which are capable to increase work productivity. In this, it is necessary to notice, that for the majority of the ideas outlined below, you do not have to spend too much time, energy or money. That is why we recommend you to try everything this in your collective, and, of course, try to share with received results with us.

Which changes are in HR for the last 10 years

Today we would like to speak with you about those changes, which for the last time, more correctly for the last 10 years, were in HR. Firstly let's bring back to the memory, what presents by itself HR?

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