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SPA salon manager - is owner's authorized representative

A few years ago, SPA-salon was bizarre novelty for our country, so today, perhaps, even kindergartners know what kind of institution it is and what services it provides to the population. Generally, for the last time not only awareness of citizens about SPA-salons has increased significantly. But the number of such institutions were increased, and this means level of competency is also increased.

Work of dream, is it real to find it?

Is it real to find the work of dream? Of course, it is really, especially, if you know exactly what do you want. The ideal variant - if you imagine distinctively, in which especially company, and on which post you want to work. In this case, you only need to "adapt" your professional skills and abilities under the requierements of the potential employer. But what to do further we will tell you, moreover, that the scheme of the following actions can be several.

Work in the IT sphere in Ukraine and with relocation

When us, children from seventieth and eighties years, were asked about who we want to be, we claimed with one accord about the desire to be an astronaut, inventor of some terribly necessary and important drugs, trailbreaker or representative of any another useful and a little dangerous job.

Employee's assessment of performance

Under performance appraisal or "employee's assessement of performance" today it is accepted to understand special complex procedure. The base of this procedure - is the measurement of the competency and work results of every separate employee. The goal of the assessement - determine whether the employee is effective, useful to the team or, roughly speaking, whether to dismiss this employee or vis-a-vis to advance and give a bonus to him.

What is important in pre-employment, professionalism or motivation?

The question ,clarified in the title, for someone can be difficult, but for others is elementary. Some persons are absolutely sure that professionalism is very important in employment. Another is in favour to the exact motivation priority. Who has right, the time is showing, and also concret conditions....Let's try to understand what is more important in vacancy closing for the potential modern employer - motivation or also high professionalism.

TOP of the most boring professions in the world

You always complain of your friends, relatives or known ones on your profession, holding out hope, that it is very boring, monotonous and here there is any possibilty to show your creativity. It is likely that after reading the rating below, you will change your mind. And everything because that, further we will tell you about really the most boring professions.

What caused the demand for vacancies with Blockchain technology in Ukraine?

What caused the demand for vacancies with Blockchain technology in Ukraine or Blockchain technology is regardless of the cryptocurrency. A lot of our employers find different specialists in the companies, which gives support to the Blockchain technology. What is the reason for such a great demand?

How understand from the vacancy, what an employer wants

It seems that to understand what an employer wants to get from him future employee, it is quite simply to read attentively CV, because here, in theory, everything must be exact and laconic described. But, in fact, everything is more and more difficult. About all this, we talked today.

Top manager, ideal disposer, what is he

Many of us mistakenly believe that managers, that is, specialists in managing people, are representatives of a fairly young profession. In fact it is about, how correctly, competently manage by others, the human began to think hardly from the darkest and far-off times. For example, the reasoning on this account is set in the popular ancient Chinese tractate "War art" which dates from the border of the sixth to fifth centuries BC.

Where to go for a philologist in Ukraine

In our country, philologists (linguists), that is people, who know perfectly or practically in perfection, one or another foreign language is quiet enough. In this, the majority of such citizens can not find the worthy work place. With what it can be related? Which vacancies should a specialist of the philological and linguistic profile consider first of all? The answers on these and another questions we would like to give you further.

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