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What should I look for in a CMO vacancy to find a job in a good company?

Each of us wants to work in the profession in a really good, honest company that can offer loyal working conditions and a decent salary. But how to find this company only for vacancies? Is it possible? On what points of the ad is worth paying attention to, and which ones can be ignored? Let's figure it out together!

Position of the highest management level - director of the travel agency

Tourism has always been and will be quite a promising business direction. But such entrepreneurial activity will be guaranteed to bring profit only under the condition of proper management, that is management. To provide this most correct, competent management to your business, he must - a top-level manager - director of the travel agency. But how to properly search for and select personnel of this class? Does the work for the leadership position require a special approach when looking for an employee? The answers to this question were provided to us by the authoritative capital recruitment agency Gloria, a company that has been professionally carrying out multilevel recruiting (Kyiv) for more than 10 years.

Marketer is a well-rounded person. He must be able to practically everything

Each of us, choosing a specialty, wants to get a profession with a decent salary and always in demand on the market. So, in the conditions of modern labor realities and with the prospect for the next 20-30 years, such and highly paid, and highly sought-after specialists will be exactly them - marketers. But who are these marketers, and what are their job responsibilities? What kind of education and personal qualities are needed to achieve success here? We'll figure it out!

Current vacancy: Java backend developer

Choosing a profession for themselves, each of us wants to do not only what you like, but also that brings good income. Almost the biggest profit is received by so-called web developers. However, web developers not only can fairly expect high wages.

Application on the selection and personnel selection - the first way on the way to updating your team

Absolutely it is not important, what does our company. Absolutely it is not important, how long your enterprise works on the market. Absolutely it is not important, is your firm big or consists only from several employees. If the personnel of your company is friendly, operated and consists from the comptetetive specialists and simply people, who are glad for the success of affair, so the enterprise will be guarantly successful and profitable. But if not, there are no chances on the success.

Subtleties of the senior management selection of the organisations

All experienced enterpreneurs know perfectly, that the company success is almost 90 % dependent on the employees of the enterprise. In this it is necessary to understand exactly that especially senior management of the enterprise will give the samples to the rest of the collective, set a vector of the actions to all company, and that is why, it needs to pay more attention on its selection and forming, taking into account its principle subtleties, particularities and specific features.

Career perspectives of the advertising sales manager

Recently, a lot of our compatriots met with the necessity of the work search. If you have been looking for a suitable service from a recent time, so you, more than likely, have already met on the websites and in print media such vacancies,as "advertising sales manager". Therefore, especially about such speciality and about that, what such work offers, to whom it is convenient and which perspectives have, we would like to talk with you today.

Selection of the right personnel will help to increase the efficiency, company profit.

Selection of the right personnel can help to increase the efficiency, company profit - this is an axiom, which does not need proof. But how especially to carry out this selection to find really "right" employees with minimum time and forces expanses? We would like to give you further several simple and at the same time useful advices as for this.

About head's role in the logistics department

You saw the vacancy about the search of the head in the logistics department and, taking into account the level of the salary, do you want to try your forces? Nobody forbids you to make a "test run", but first it is necessary to find out about what this head should be. Today we talk about this, and also we remember again,what is the logistics in general, for what it is necessary and why it is very important for the modern enterprise.

Profession Content Manager, places for work

Those, who recently looked for a work on the network, probably not one time have met with the announcements with the vacancy such as "Content Manager". But what is the profession, how and when dit it appear, where do they work and how many the similar specialists get? About all this we asked the specialists "Gloria" - recruiting agency that makes professionally pesonnel search and selection. Kiev is the principal place of the agency of the agency, but it also make the professional personnel selection in another cities of the country, and also for the clients abroad. Taking into account this, the mentioned above information about content managers will be really useful, actual from the position not only ukrainian, but also international labour market.

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