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Who are the CEO, CFO, CVO, CMO, etc ...

Today, in the process of finding a job, it is not surprising to come across such abbreviations as CFO, CEO, CMO, CVO and many others. But what do all these abbreviations mean? How to understand them correctly? The answers to this question were provided by the specialists of the Gloria agency, a company that has been professionally providing recruitment services for more than 10 years (Kiev). The main specialization of this agency is the search for IT staff. Moreover, the selection of personnel for the IT sphere is carried out here, both for domestic companies and for foreign enterprises.

What are the questions always expected by the candidates at the interview? And is it worth asking?

There are a number of questions that are usually asked today at interviews. What kind of questions are we talking about and whether they should be voiced to a potential employee? Let's try to figure this out together. And the company "Gloria" will help us find the answers to these questions. This agency steadily tops the lists in which the recruiting companies of Ukraine are better collected, and therefore "Gloria" can be safely trusted in matters of employment. Recruitment agencies (Kiev) have long been equal exactly to this enterprise, and therefore, for explaining the situation with typical questions at the interviews, we just hurried to contact local specialists.

Examples of implemented projects as far as they can be important when hiring

Departing for the interview, each of us expects a positive result, that is, that the meeting will be successful, and he will be invited to take a desired position. If you also want this, then the interview and not only the extremely important is properly prepared. About this very preparation, in general, and the importance of providing examples of implemented works, we just would like to talk with you today.

What is the difference between the duties of a secretary, an office manager and a manager assistant?

Secretary, office manager, assistant manager ... Those people who are not connected with recruiting, often believe that this is the same position. But people who professionally perform search and selection of specialists, know exactly what is wrong. But in what all the same a difference and how to carry out correct selection of the candidate for similar posts? Next we will try to find the answer to this question. However, we will immediately note that we will not seek for an answer ourselves, but by enlisting the support of Gloria, whose main specialization is recruiting (Kiev, Ukraine). This company has been searching for and recruiting specialists for more than 10 years, and the recruitment service is in demand here not only for domestic enterprises, but also for firms from abroad.

Digital marketing - progressive professions, features

Literally every day there are new promising, and often even highly paid, professions. One such profession is called "digital marketing". But what exactly is this "digital marketing" or, in Russian, "digital marketing", how much can the representatives of this profession earn? The answers to these and many other similar questions were given to us by the specialists of Gloria. We remind you that Gloria is a well-known Ukrainian recruiting company. Kyiv is the main place of work for this agency, however, recruitment of staff and representatives of foreign companies are often ordered here. This company is a real dock in the search for and selection of specialists for the enterprise. They know exactly how to lead a correct selection of a candidate for a particular position, and all because the company has been working on this profile for more than 10 years.

Relocation of top managers, whom and where they value from Ukraine

Today, more and more often you can hear a term such as "relocation of personnel." Moreover, the term itself, and its application, are becoming more and more topical for Ukrainian top managers and not only. Given this, the company Gloria, the main industry of which is recruiting (Kiev, Ukraine), and one of the key specialties - the search and selection of TOP managers, decided to give us explanations on this matter.

Selection of IT-specialists is one of the most difficult recruiting directions

The selection of IT-specialists rightly considered one of the most difficult areas of recruiting. This is due to the fact that information workers often have their own, unique view of the world. In addition, IT specialists often have some problems with communication. But what should I do? How to properly conduct it recruiting? Kiev and its recruiting agency "Gloria" gave us answers to these questions and below we hasten to share the information with you.

Recruitment agency Gloria: we find IT talents in any directions

The reasonable leader of any modern enterprise clearly understands that his company will not succeed without high-quality IT support. It is for this that modern businessmen are just starting to look for their companies relevant professionals. But the trouble is usually that many today's entrepreneurs, far from the information world, simply do not understand what IT staff they need. And one thing, if a person turns to a professional recruiting agency (Kiev, good, has such in sufficient quantity), and quite another, if he decides to conduct a search and search for it specialists on their own. In the second case, the problems, difficulties and mass of wasted time simply can not be avoided. But if you want to choose this way and the professional service "recruitment" displeases you, we hope that the small help given below will allow you to sort out the situation and save your strength, nerves and money.

Market research assistant - interesting about the vacancy

In all the large cities of Ukraine, without exception, today the service of recruitment is incredibly demanded. Kiev, for example, offers it in innumerable variations. It is clear that the search and selection of candidates to close their vacancies, each individual recruiting agency is implementing in its own way. Therefore, the result in each specific case may differ, which is called strikingly. What services of a recruiting agency are worthy of attention, and from which it is better to refrain? How to understand, "who is who" and who "breathes" in this market? In this post we will answer the above questions, and we will also briefly describe such a vacancy as the market research assistant.

Required skills for work - Senior Account Manager

Recently, good managers or, as they are called in professional circles - managers, literally in weight of gold. Reputable specialists offer decent wages, excellent working conditions and even a full social package. The above is familiar to you not by hearsay? Have you already tried your hand at management and are even ready to move to a higher level? Then today's article will be incredibly valuable, useful and relevant for you. And all because today we will talk about the position of Senior Account Manager or, in Russian transcription, "Senior Account Manager". In particular, we would like to tell you about what skills are needed today to obtain such a position.

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