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Reasons why good employees can quit

Recruitment agency (Kiev) "Gloria", whose specialization is professional recruiting services, has always been focused primarily on people, because it is on them that any successful business is built. In fact, the recruitment of top managers, as well as the recruitment of ordinary performers, if they are truly the best specialists, directly depends on the success of the company.

Labor Market Trends 2019

Recruitment agency (Kiev) Gloria is always an effective recruiting, recruiting staff and qualified counseling. In this post, specialists of the day agency will talk about trends in the labor market in the beginning of 2019.

What are high-paying jobs besides IT?

Despite the fact that hydrangeas are consistently in high demand, not many people know about this plant, even the smallest. And about some curious facts about this flower resembling a purple sun (as the plant is called in Japan) are generally known to few. We would like to bring some of these facts for you further.

Where to place your resume, so that the best employers could find and offer a new job

The first thing that a person who has decided to take a vacancy has to do is to create a resume. Everyone knows about the importance of the correct preparation of this document. But not everyone knows that it is necessary not only to follow all the rules for drafting a resume, but also correctly, correctly place such a self-presentation document. About this we continue to talk.

IT specialties for girls

IT-sphere (Kiev) is developing rapidly. Firms that search for the best candidates for this industry have not perceived for a long time the effective recruitment of companies with thoughtful HR processes from the standpoint of gender inequality. Finding the best candidates is based on monitoring the capabilities and potential of the prospective employee.

How to determine the result of an interview in the IT field

Finding qualified employees is always difficult. And although Kiev today offers recruitment services in the widest range, only a handful of truly high-quality IT recruitment is carried out. Among them is the recruitment agency IT staff "Gloria". In this post, the experts of the latter will tell you how the result of an interview in the IT field is determined today.

Get a job without being the perfect candidate

To begin with, the ideal candidates for a particular position simply do not exist, just as there are no ideal people. Each of us has certain disadvantages, and this is absolutely normal. In fact, its not the most real or imaginary flaws that are important, but how a person presents them, including getting a job.

Job search at the end of the year, pros and cons

In this post, Gloria, a well-known recruiting agency (Kiev), will reveal all the pros and cons of finding a job at the end of the calendar year. This information can be fully trusted, because the services of the recruiting company "Gloria" are extremely in demand, and the staff is knowledgeable and experienced. But also the search for qualified specialists, and making recommendations for a wide audience is conducted here on the basis of the latest research.

What is the beginning of a career in IT?

The fact that the most evolving field today is IT known to everyone. IT-specialists with experience, because they called snapped on all continents. Even a new term has appeared in professional slang - IT recruiting. Kiev, for example, or rather, the recruitment agency (Ukraine) "Gloria" is constantly searching for candidates for the vacancy "IT-specialist". Moreover, the list of specific proposals for professionals of this profile sometimes occupies more than one page. Selection of the right staff is not easy and is associated with many features. We will tell for future potential applicants for such positions, where does the career in IT sphere begin today.

What are the managers and how much they earn in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, the term manager came into use together with such words as logistics, marketing, recruiting agency. Gloria - experts of the Moscow recruiting bureau, who carry out staff recruitment of any complexity, will tell you in this post what kind of managers are on the Ukrainian market today and what salaries they can boast.

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