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Recruitment under the Treaty, the recruitment agency Gloria

Today, the search and selection of specialists (Kiev (Ukraine), implied or any other location - there is no difference) - this is what, in fact, begins the creation of any company. If the company plans to earn profitably, this stage of development is indispensable. And the recruiting company with a good reputation and, accordingly, experienced recruiters will cope with this task in the best way. Of course, such an enterprise should not provide services for the first year, and its employees should have a certain track record.

How many percent of employers find employees through recruitment agencies

With each season, recruiting Kiev and the whole country (meaning companies and firms in various fields of activity) prefer to trust recruiting agencies with a good reputation. A professional search for specialists, especially IT recruiting similar to it, as well as the selection of management personnel, give much more significant results than independent attempts in this area. Let us see why professional recruitment is so beneficial. Kiev, we clarify, today offers the services of several dozen similar agencies. Therefore, let us tell you how not to make a mistake in choosing your recruiter, and also find out what percentage of employers select personnel for themselves through recruitment agencies.

Work for its young professionals. How to find a job.

For over a decade, it has been successfully and efficiently searching for employees, HR consulting, and qualified recruitment (Kiev) recruitment agency Gloria. This company has a reputation as a true pros on the labor market. The best IT jobs of the recruitment agency "Gloria" are also available for young professionals. The main thing is not to forget about the sobriety and objectivity of the assessment of their capabilities and abilities and to dwell on the direction of activity that corresponds to the specialty and fully meets the wishes of the internal plan. It does not hurt when choosing a job "set the bar" for the future, i.e. "Just above the head."

How often are there companies that train their employees?

Gloria - a recruitment agency (Kiev, Lipskaya 19/7, off. 87) has been successfully performing professional search and recruitment for many years. Gained a huge database and a positive reputation. Of course, they are doing a job search in the field of IT, as well as advising on other recruiting requests. Specialized seminars and training programs are organized for various spheres of production activities. Let us tell you how often staff training is practiced in modern firms, and why it is so necessary in the current conditions of market relations.

Efficient job closing fast

Quickly close a job today is a snap. At the same time, it is absolutely not important where the search and selection is carried out (Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv or a peripheral small town). The field of search is not important either - it may mean looking for a job in IT or in some other industry. The main thing is that a true professional should take on the job - or rather, a whole team of such specialists, who, for example, professionally produce IT recruiting. These include the metropolitan recruitment agency "Gloria" (19/7 Lipskaya St., Kyiv, 01021). Glorias reputation is impeccable, and the range of services is quite wide. And this is with more than reasonable pricing policy of the enterprise. How so? What's the secret?

Interesting professions 2019 for men

The world is full of all kinds of wonders ... We are constantly surprised by Mother Nature. The flight of human thought does not lag behind it either ... Every year any specialties disappear and they are replaced by more and more new ones. Let us tell you what interesting professions for men are offered by world recruitment agencies this year (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, by the way, do not lag behind the world professional trends). "Gloria" is the best Kiev agency, also today it actively conducts recruiting of staff at the highest level and in new specialties, including. Here, they search staff in the field of IT exclusively professionally, recruit experienced managers, as well as ordinary employees for both domestic and foreign customers.

Reasons why good employees can quit

Recruitment agency (Kiev) "Gloria", whose specialization is professional recruiting services, has always been focused primarily on people, because it is on them that any successful business is built. In fact, the recruitment of top managers, as well as the recruitment of ordinary performers, if they are truly the best specialists, directly depends on the success of the company.

Labor Market Trends 2019

Recruitment agency (Kiev) Gloria is always an effective recruiting, recruiting staff and qualified counseling. In this post, specialists of the day agency will talk about trends in the labor market in the beginning of 2019.

What are high-paying jobs besides IT?

Despite the fact that hydrangeas are consistently in high demand, not many people know about this plant, even the smallest. And about some curious facts about this flower resembling a purple sun (as the plant is called in Japan) are generally known to few. We would like to bring some of these facts for you further.

Where to place your resume, so that the best employers could find and offer a new job

The first thing that a person who has decided to take a vacancy has to do is to create a resume. Everyone knows about the importance of the correct preparation of this document. But not everyone knows that it is necessary not only to follow all the rules for drafting a resume, but also correctly, correctly place such a self-presentation document. About this we continue to talk.

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