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Companies for starting a career in Ukraine

Many recruiting companies (Ukraine) are known for their educational work. Gloria is no exception in this regard, the leading experts of the agency regularly publish posts that tell in a popular form about how the professional selection and search of personnel is carried out, it is recruiting. The topic of this publication is the optimal choice of companies for starting a career in Ukraine.

How to choose a financial director

Any business is directly dependent on the skill level of the management team. It's about the triad of CEO, commercial and financial director. In this post, the recruitment company (Kiev) "Gloria" will briefly describe what is the basis for the search for senior staff today, as well as the core competencies of the CFO.

What professions are suitable for freelancing

Every year, Internet professions are becoming more in demand. Everything is logical, because entrepreneurship in the virtual does not imply any restrictions on age, for the most part does not require large investments, and most importantly, provides true freedom of choice of time, place of work, earnings and, in fact, occupation. The Moscow recruitment agency (Kiev) Gloria, which for more than a decade has been performing quality recruitment, including IT recruiting, has prepared this post for those who intend to try themselves in providing remote services through the global network. It is noteworthy that in the United States today a quarter of the working population works in freelancing. In addition, often similar earnings interest and high school students who are passionate about IT-technologies.

Finding the right specialist for your business, Gloria

Kiev recruitment agency Gloria performs a truly high-quality staff recruitment with a guarantee for almost all areas, including IT recruiting. And the principle of personnel, solving everything and everywhere, is used here not only when highly professional management personnel is required. The selection (Kiev, specialists of Gloria) of employees, in any case, is implemented at the highest level with meticulous implementation of all the components of a particular order. The focus is always on the well-known postulate that the professionalism of workers directly affects both the company's profits and the company's reputation in the business world. Because high-quality recruitment with a guarantee for the "Gloria" - the constant rate!

The first employment in IT

As is well known, both the IT labor market and IT specialists are a special field, with their own rules and differences. First, both similar companies and IT specialists are very widely represented in the virtual. Secondly, the search for specialists for companies of this kind is accompanied, as they say, by the immediate dissemination of information, both positive and negative. Thirdly, the recruitment agency Gloria notes that in most IT specializations the demand is much higher than the offers, and therefore recruiting Kiev (Ukraine) often uses all the options to attract, as well as the motivation of potential employees.

Group interviews, how to stand out on such an interview

Some companies practice group interviews with applicants. This method is in demand due to the optimal combination of identifying competent specialists and screening out not very suitable candidates. We note mainly this subspecies of the interviews are practiced in cases when personnel is being searched for such vacancies as a sales manager, courier, sales assistant. A group interview is also used in the selection of personnel for the so-called mass vacancies, which do not imply any special professional training from applicants. However, in any case, first of all, those vacancies are meant, on which the specialist is simply obliged to communicate freely with people, to be as friendly and sociable as possible. You should not be afraid of such a test, but knowledge of its nuances will not be superfluous.

What to write in the resume, when a little work experience?

If you still have little work experience and really want to present yourself as an attractive employer, use the advice of experienced Gloria specialists (Kiev, Lipskaya, 19/7 recruiting agency). Here professional search and selection of personnel, including IT recruiting, are carried out professionally; management personnel are impeccably prepared for work. The range of services of the enterprise is really very wide.

Recruitment under the Contract, the recruitment agency Gloria

Today, the search and selection of specialists (Kiev (Ukraine), implied or any other location - there is no difference) - this is what, in fact, begins the creation of any company. If the company plans to earn profitably, this stage of development is indispensable. And the recruiting company with a good reputation and, accordingly, experienced recruiters will cope with this task in the best way. Of course, such an enterprise should not provide services for the first year, and its employees should have a certain track record.

How many percent of employers find employees through recruitment agencies

With each season, recruiting Kiev and the whole country (meaning companies and firms in various fields of activity) prefer to trust recruiting agencies with a good reputation. A professional search for specialists, especially IT recruiting similar to it, as well as the selection of management personnel, give much more significant results than independent attempts in this area. Let us see why professional recruitment is so beneficial. Kiev, we clarify, today offers the services of several dozen similar agencies. Therefore, let us tell you how not to make a mistake in choosing your recruiter, and also find out what percentage of employers select personnel for themselves through recruitment agencies.

Work for its young professionals. How to find a job.

For over a decade, it has been successfully and efficiently searching for employees, HR consulting, and qualified recruitment (Kiev) recruitment agency Gloria. This company has a reputation as a true pros on the labor market. The best IT jobs of the recruitment agency "Gloria" are also available for young professionals. The main thing is not to forget about the sobriety and objectivity of the assessment of their capabilities and abilities and to dwell on the direction of activity that corresponds to the specialty and fully meets the wishes of the internal plan. It does not hurt when choosing a job "set the bar" for the future, i.e. "Just above the head."

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