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Do I need to prepare for an interview in advance?

Knowledge of English will increase your competitiveness in the labor market

The Gloria recruiting agency provides high-quality selection services and carries out professional staff search in Kiev and the regions. To clarify, the selection and assessment of personnel is not the only activity of the agency. The staff of the enterprise conducts an active educational work, publishing posts and articles on the topic of recruiting. This publication talks about how knowledge of the English language enhances competitiveness in the labor market.

Is online interview effective?

More and more often, for an initial acquaintance with a particular company, candidates for a particular position are invited precisely for an online interview. Is it right to act in such a scenario? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this particular method of interviewing? Is online interviewing effective at all? The Gloria recruiting agency (Kiev), a company that has been offering quality personnel selection services for more than 10 years, will help us figure it out. Large domestic and eminent foreign companies often come here when they need a search for the best candidates, including the selection of top managers. Therefore, this company can be safely trusted.

Retraining and self-education is a modern trend

Gloria is a well-known recruiting company (Kiev), which not only provides a variety of recruiting services under the contract, quickly searches for candidates, selects qualified staff, but also pays great attention to educational, preventive work. Posts from leading specialists of the company are equally interesting to both colleagues in the workshop and interested clients of the enterprise. The purpose of this short publication is to talk about the potential for retraining and the benefits of self-education.

Are IT specialists in demand in all cities of Ukraine

Since having your own website and (or) application today is necessary not only for large corporations, but even for small enterprises serving only one district (city, region), the search and selection of personnel from the IT sphere is an actual service for any city in the country. Another thing is that in small cities and towns, high-level IT specialists are not required. There will be enough ordinary site administrator, copywriter, SEO manager ... In addition, in this case a quick search of candidates for work on the so-called "remote site" is likely and even recommended. But as for the real IT-ish "sharks", and even those that would work precisely from the office, at the location provided by the company, then such pros are in demand only in the largest cities of our country. What kind of settlements are we talking about and what kind of salary amounts are implied? Let's figure it out!

A professional HR manager, what an ideal HR manager he is

This publication reflects the point of view of Gloria (recruiting company, Kiev) on the key components of the image of an ideal HR manager. One of the main areas of Glorias activity, we recall, is contractual recruiting services.

What employers are most interested in in a resume

The Gloria recruiting company not only carries out professional staff recruitment (Kiev, region), but also regularly publishes tips for employers and job seekers. As a rule, these recommendations are based on real experience of interaction with the first and second. The topic of this post is the most important points in the resume for employers.

Companies for starting a career in Ukraine

Many recruiting companies (Ukraine) are known for their educational work. Gloria is no exception in this regard, the leading experts of the agency regularly publish posts that tell in a popular form about how the professional selection and search of personnel is carried out, it is recruiting. The topic of this publication is the optimal choice of companies for starting a career in Ukraine.

How to choose a financial director

Any business is directly dependent on the skill level of the management team. It's about the triad of CEO, commercial and financial director. In this post, the recruitment company (Kiev) "Gloria" will briefly describe what is the basis for the search for senior staff today, as well as the core competencies of the CFO.

What professions are suitable for freelancing

Every year, Internet professions are becoming more in demand. Everything is logical, because entrepreneurship in the virtual does not imply any restrictions on age, for the most part does not require large investments, and most importantly, provides true freedom of choice of time, place of work, earnings and, in fact, occupation. The Moscow recruitment agency (Kiev) Gloria, which for more than a decade has been performing quality recruitment, including IT recruiting, has prepared this post for those who intend to try themselves in providing remote services through the global network. It is noteworthy that in the United States today a quarter of the working population works in freelancing. In addition, often similar earnings interest and high school students who are passionate about IT-technologies.

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