HR records keeping and Audit

HR records keeping and Audit

Consulting company "Gloria" provides a service of  HR administration. In the frame of this activities we provide full organization and complex service of personnel documents relating with personnel management at the client's company.

"HR outsourcing - it's an opportunity for professional management of personnel records"

Personnel services from our company involves the development, implementation, monitoring and control  such aspects as human resource management:

1. Schedules and job descriptions of the internal labor - corporate regulations

2. Collective contract, the contract and the employment contract

3. Accounts, records and administrative documents

4. Hiring  - dismissal, moonlighting, transfer, withdrawal, and staff leasing, employment records

5. Hiring of foreign persons (citizens of other countries)

6. Record of working time and vocation order

7. Ratio of jobs places

8. Labor disputes

Thanks to experienced experts in the field of jurisprudence, our company is a market leader among staffing companies Kiev, guarantees the efficient and quality control personnel. HR outsourcing will provide you with legal, regulatory and corporate order and confidence in the proper functioning of the company as a whole.

"Qualitative search of personnel and competent management personnel document - is a proven mechanism for effective business management"

For more detailed information and the terms of cooperation about outsourcing HR administration, refer to the central Kiev office of the consulting company "Gloria"




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