Head of sales of advertising space in a glossy magazine

Head of sales of advertising space in a glossy magazine


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Sales and trading


Head of sales of advertising space in a glossy magazine




5+ years


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  • Successful experience in sales of advertising in the media (magazines)
  • Leadership skills, ability to motivate and empower other people to achieve organizational goals
  • Ability to lead sales and build long-term relationships with customers.
  • Management experience, ability to organize the work of sales department.
  • Ability to develop strategies, methods and sales tactics.
  • Presentation skills, competent negotiation.
  • Focus on results.
  • Active life position, mobility.

Functional responsibilities:

  • Direct leadership of the department staff: planning, organization, management, control work.
  • Formation of the State Department, taking into account staffing schedule in consultation with the director.
  • Methodological assistance, training staff with methods and forms of work with clients.
  • Operational and perspective management of the department and personnel department.
  • Monitoring of the timely and qualitative ordering in accordance with the laws of Ukraine "On Advertising" and "On the Media".
  • Involvement of partners in projects of the organization. Sponsorship and fundraising.
  • Conducting commercial negotiations with key clients, representing the interests of the organization.
  • Development of sales plans.
  • Support and control clearance deals.
  • Monitoring of targets performance by employees
  • Increasing of sales of advertising space.
  • Analysis of the market competitors.
  • Formation of the customer base of regular partners.
  • Maintaining of document (orders, reporting) .
  • Maintaining of exhibition activities.

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