Chief accountant's assistant







Accounting and audit


Chief accountant's assistant


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  • Experience in a trading company is desirable
  • Higher education "Accounting and Auditing"
  • Work experience of 3 years as a senior or sole accountant.
  • Experience with uch. system 1C 8.3, MEDOK, MS Excel, MS Office
  • Knowledge of all areas of accounting and tax accounting.
  • Experience with VED (import) and foreign exchange operations, knowledge of currency legislation
  • Experience in simultaneously managing more than one legal entity
  • Confident PC user - the main programs: 1- 8.3 UTP, Client-Bank, M.E.Doc, Excel.
  • Ability and desire to work in a team
  • Ability to quickly work in multitasking with a large amount of information
  • Responsible attitude to work;
  • Sociability, responsibility, a high level of self-organization, an analytical mindset.

Functional responsibilities:

  • Control over the correctness of the reflection of business transactions in the accounts of accounting.
  • Compilation of statistical, financial, tax and other reporting;
  • Counterparty documentation control;
  • Registration of tax invoices and adjustments, submission of reports in the M.e.doc program .;
  • Documentation and control of income and expense.
  • Organization of timely and competent workflow;
  • Planning and forecasting of VAT and income tax, as well as their optimization.
  • Monitoring compliance with the procedure for registration of accounting documents, financial statements;
  • Participation in the closing of the reporting period.
  • Ability to work effectively in multitasking mode, find new solutions to standard problems / issues

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