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Events and facts are recruiting

  • Employment of the young people

    Those, who find the job for yourself independently, knows perfectly that this process is very difficult and laborious. but is is more difficult, if you find your first work, you have not any experience, skills and knowledge. But where we can apply in this case? How to deal yourself to will be liked by the potential employer? About all this we would like to talk you further.

  • How to find the professionalists in the financial sphere?

    Job search - is quiet difficult and laborious process, by the way for two parties, that means for those who find the service and for those, who vise versa need the employee. Of course, the ideal variant - is to trust the selection and staff search to the professionalists. For example, the recruiting company (Kiev) "Gloria" give such services not only one year. The given recruiting firm will select for you the specialist of the necessary profile and level, qualification. However, the search process you can try to realise by yourself. Buy you should be ready to the difficulties. Which? Let's speak about this on the example of the professionalists search in the financial sphere.

  • Good team - base of the company success

    Experienced, materially successful entrepreneurs agree unanimously: for that, that business will florish, bring profit, the good team is very important here. Even relatively not big budget and not very original idea can perfectly "shoot", if the implementation of the project takes a well-coordinated team. And vise versa, even the tremendous money amounts and superoriginal, perspective ideas can be losing "in the hands"of the separated collective. But what to do? How create this good team? We will speak with you about this.

  • How not to be deceived in finding a job

    That, looking for a job, not to be deceived, it is necessary to know the tricks of the modern swindlers from "recruitment". Further the recommendations on this account, prepared by the specialists of the recruiting agency "Gloria".

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Recruitment Agency from staff selection in Kyiv

We offer a mutually beneficial cooperation in search and recruitment of personnel on the territory of Kyiv and other towns of Ukraine for companies and enterprises that are interested in qualified and competent employees. Our team provides expertise motivation specialists, their professional skills, work experience and possible future development.

Recognition of our recruitment company in the labour market, many years of experience, presence of positive feedbacks, confident leading positions  are the guarantee for our new customers. We minimize the risks of our customers, since guarantee quality of our work, which is prescribed in contract.

The absence of any advance payments and the absence of increase of the cost of work during its execution, are also visible benefits for customers of recruitment agency.

We are reliable and worthy partner, focused on long-term, competent and profitable cooperation. We used to achieve settled goals quickly, reliably and efficiently. We can appreciate the time and efforts.

If you are, as we, focusing on the result of the business activity, on the high financial indexes of the company, then recruitment agency Gloria is ready to provide you the services of staff selection in Kyiv.

The success of business activity depends on invested efforts, motivation and understanding of the process - on this concentrates the success of our recruitment agency. We not only understand what we do, what we need to do, but also we know how to do it. We are recruiters and our job is search of talented and competent professionals. We know those who know how. We know the candidates, who is motivated to build career, focused on achievements, but not to failure avoidance, we know the candidates on the current position, who will respond exactly you, on your specific job. In order to do this, we need to get your request on personnel selection, in which you will specify all your requirements and wishes to a specialist.

Benefits of recruitment agency "Gloria" as a partner:

  • We are leading successful recruitment business  for 9 years.
  • Recruitment agency "Gloria" - it's the experienced team of experts from staff selection.
  • Proven technology of search of necessary specialists by recruitment agency.
  • The company is using advanced methods of testing and evaluation of staff;
  • Recruiting company operates not only in Kiev but also in the regions, "Gloria" has its own franchising network of branches - we provide selection of employees for a large affiliated companies, for companies with regional networks.
  • We are working on the most economically advantageous terms for employer.
  • Our recruitment company working without prepayment.
  • Our recruitment company has become the first recruitment agency that receives its fee for recruitment only on the fact of work starting of an employee.
  • Recruitment agency works quickly - the first CV, responding to all requirements of the application are sent to the client on the 4-5 day from the beginning of cooperation.
  • Our team has always an individual approach to each Client. All clients of our company aware that we are able to negotiate and understand the customer's side. We don't have pattern candidates or vacancies. We are always take into account peculiarities of client's business.
  • Company provides comprehensive services - staff selection, recruitment - it is the main sphere of activity of our company, however, we are the consulting company that provides complex strategic services.
  • Services of the Recruitment agency are absolutely free for a job seeker.
  • Our company has a quality assurance and adherence to the principles of business ethics - the company, that achieve success in the highly competitive recruitment environment. We are proud of our highest quality of recruitment.
  • We are constantly update the base of CV of applicants;
  • We love our work.

If you need qualitative staff selection - You apply to the right Recruitment agency of Kyiv.